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Our Story:

From Unemployment to Entrepreneurship: The Inspiring Journey of

In the wake of the global pandemic, life took an unexpected turn for many of us. For me, it meant losing my job at the age of 60. Suddenly, the future seemed uncertain, but I was not ready to let go of my dreams. I turned to my passion for unique and beautiful items, and that's how was born.

Starting from the humble beginnings of selling a few antiques from my personal collection, I quickly realized that people were drawn to the unique charm of handmade tabletops, ceramic dinnerware, and decorative bowls. The idea of transforming everyday surroundings with a touch of color and a hint of the seasons struck a chord with customers. And so, I started sourcing more of these unique items, curating a collection that was both beautiful and affordable.

The next challenge was to reach my customers. High selling fees on popular online platforms were eating into my profits, making it difficult to maintain the affordability I desired for my customers. That's when I decided to start my own website,

Operating from Vienna, Virginia, I am proud to offer free shipping across the USA, with a special delivery service within a 10-mile radius of Tysons Corner. I believe in making quality products accessible, and will even match the lowest price if provided with a link.

What makes truly unique is the diverse range of products we offer. From handmade dinnerware and ethnic pottery to small accent pieces, wall art, and wooden carved wall pieces, each item is chosen with care. We even offer borosilicate glassware and drinkware, as well as personalized glass water bottles adorned with your choice of gemstones.

My mission with is to bring you unique pieces from around the world, items that add a touch of charm to your home and your life. We believe in the magic of small details, the beauty of handmade products, and the joy of owning something unique.

Starting was born out of necessity, but it has grown into a labor of love. Every day, I am grateful for the opportunity to share my passion with you. I invite you to explore our collection, find something you love, and become a part of our journey. After all, at, we're not just selling products; we're creating memories.