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Health-Boosting Crystal Water Bottle With Gemstone

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Glass Water Bottle Infused 3 Oz Gemstone Protective Sleeve 3 Colors Silver Rose Bamboo - Gift Of Health
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Water bottle great gift of a water bottle with natural healing crystals.
Ideal for father's day, mother's day, teacher's day, and Christmas gifts.

Full neoprene long protective sleeve
Glass cylinder, cap (stainless steel exterior, BPA-free polypropylene, food-grade silicone washer)
Borosilicate glass, gemstones, stainless steel, BPA-free plastic, silicone
Glass cylinder dishwasher-proof, hand wash lid, and gem-pod disassemble gem-pod before cleaning

Gemstone adds crystal Intuition, Imagination, Wisdom, Love, Harmony, Balance, Self-Confidence, Willpower, Inner Strength
Discover one of nature’s most fascinating secrets with this gem water bottle. Indulge yourself in an age-old tradition that will make you enjoy the water like never before. Turn regular drinking water into heavenly water! Make natural crystal infused with this handy crystal water bottle from Gemstone Well. It's the first gem water bottle that allows you to swap the crystals and use your own! It includes a fantastic black sleeve within the white box, loose tumbled gemstones of your choice, and a premium glass water juice bottle.

Designed in the German Alps, the bottle features a variety of carefully hand-selected gemstones and is made from premium borosilicate, pollutant-free glass. Perfect for everyday use, the gems are encased in a hand-crafted, interchangeable glass container that prevents any pollution of the water by the gems while preserving all their energy benefits. The method relieves you of bothersome scrubbing and cleaning of the gems. The exquisite stones in your ViA stay bright and shiny over the years.

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