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Zetamari Mosaic Grey Lace Handmade Wall Mirror

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Grey Lace Zetamari Mosaic Handmade Wall Decor
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This glass mosaic mirror is from Zetamari's Sparkling Jewel mirror line. Intricately shaped glass tiles and beads come together to create a sparkling jewel of soothing symmetry to accent any room. Display this size mirror on a wall or on an easel.
  • Materials: Mirror, Mosaic, Glass Tiles, Paint

  •    Height: 10 inches

  • Width: 10 inches
  • Depth: 1 inches

Color: This mirror features iridescent gray glass tiles with turquoise and silver accents.
Lovingly handmade to order and signed by Zetamari artist, Angie Heinrich.
Dimensions: include mirror & frame.

Zetamari is one-woman glass business focused on creating high-quality and precisely crafted functional glass art for the home, heart, and spirit. Angie creates mirrors, jewelry boxes, candle cups, and picture frames.

Angie has been creating glass art and teaching in Seattle, Washington since 2001 under her business name Zetamari. She creates soothing symmetries of sparkling glass tiles and beads for over 60+ art and craft galleries around the U.S.

To create artwork for an environment that inspires joy is to engender a sense of well-being vitally important to how we view and engage our world. This is at the core of her art and teaching. It starts at home, with a belief in our inherent ability to create a beautiful space for ourselves. Angie aspires to inspire and nurture that belief, teaching others to trust themselves and their creativity. Sharing her joy of creativity and color with clients and students is at the core of her aspirations to elevate the home, heart, and spirit.

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