How to Shop For a 16 Piece Dinnerware Set
How to Shop For a 16 Piece Dinnerware Set

Dinner sets help in improving the art of serving the food and platting it. They are an irreplaceable part of the kitchen and enhance the aesthetics of our humble abode. 

If you are searching for one, we suggest going for a 16 piece dinnerware set as it is the most common setting for offering service to four people.

Since you’ll use them daily as well as on special occasions, choosing a good set becomes a major decision. To help you sail through the sea of options available in dinnerware, we’ve presented a detailed shopping guide that will help you make a good investment. So, let’s get started.

Things to consider before buying a 16 piece dinnerware set 

  • Check the weight:

To pick the right set for your lifestyle, finding a comfortable weight becomes necessary. You’ll find a variety of dinnerware sets differing in their weight. That’s why we recommend examining the sample sets of different materials and thicknesses to get a sense of what you like best.

Another good idea is picking up a stack of plates or bowls to check how heavy they’ll be when you’re taking them out of your cupboard. A popular misconception among buyers is that heavier dinnerware is more durable. That’s not quite correct, as bone china is a good example of lightweight dinnerware that is as durable as thicker porcelain or stoneware.

  • Decide your budget :

Once you decide you want a 16 piece dinnerware set, you’ll need to consider how much to spend. Dinnerware can cost anywhere from 150 to 250 dollars for a 16 piece set depending on its quality.

Most experts recommend having 16 piece place settings to ensure you have enough dinnerware for general use and entertaining. If you’re looking for a set for everyday use, you’d like to go with something more durable. While in the case when you have a holiday dinner at your home, you’d need something more delicate. Either way, it will not be an economical purchase. 

If you are in search of an affordable and quality set that is both, durable and comes with glowing color patterns and designs, we suggest you 16 Piece Dinnerware Set Dellwood Service For 4

Owning to its stoneware body, it is completely microwave safe. This set comes in 4 beautiful place settings allowing you to consume every meal in classic Italian beauty. It offers 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 cereal bowls, and 4 mugs service.

  • Examine the size and shape of each piece :

While shopping for a 16 piece set, take the shape and size of each item into consideration too. Select the pieces coming with a more suitable size and shape for your eating habits and cupboard space.

It’s always a good idea to compare the set of your choice with the size of your existing flatware just to be sure the proportions agree with you. Don’t forget to measure your cupboard space to check whether your set will fit in or not.

Now, for a good selection of your dinnerware set, along with general size and shape, you’ll need to consider some other factors too for each piece. So, here are some things to remember while selecting each piece of your dinnerware set :

  • Plates:
The rim size is one thing you need to consider while looking for a plate. In case, you’re looking to reduce food-portion sizes, go for plates with wider rims. Narrower rims are helpful in times when you want more room for larger servings of food.
  • Mugs or teacups and saucers:
Teacups and saucers have always been a must-have piece in a formal meeting. They are beneficial in keeping your tablecloth free of coffee or tea rings. 

While buying teacups or mugs, make sure to try the handles to make sure they’re comfortable to hold. 

  • Bowls: 
During shopping, you’ll come across some dinnerware collections offering bowls of several styles and sizes. Two of the popular styles of bowls are cereal bowls and shallow soup bowls.

When it comes to volume, cereal bowls are a lot better choice than soup bowls. Cereal bowls look more casual and are multi-purpose. They’re great for pasta, grains, small salads, and stews. On the other hand, soup bowls are better suited to stews and risotto, not for cheerios.

  • The best material for dinner sets :

Several types of materials are used for dinnerware in the market. Each has its own benefits that can assist in making your selection. 

  • Bone China: It is the strongest range of china and is a much more durable and elegant alternative. Its chip-resistant factor makes it a better option for both, usual days and special occasions.
  • Earthenware: It is one of the oldest industrial materials and due to which it gives off an air of value, sturdiness, and casual appeal. It also gives your dinnerware significant weight. However, it’s not safe to keep it in the oven or high setting on the microwaves.
  • Porcelain: It is a versatile material with a non-porous surface and more durability resulting from high firing temperatures. Its pieces are generally microwave and oven safe.
  • Melamine: Now, its sets are best when you like to have parties at your place. Being shatterproof as well as harder to break, melamine dinnerware is perfect for casual get-togethers. It is typically dishwasher-safe but is not suitable for your oven or microwaves.
  • Stoneware: It is known for giving a smooth look and an impermeable finish to the dinnerware, making it ideal for everyday use. Stoneware set is more durable compared to earthenware sets. While working with a stoneware set, be careful not to expose it to freezing or high temperatures.

Parting Notes

Spending money on a quality 16 piece dinnerware set is nothing less than an investment. Buying a set can cut down on cost and is a much better choice than making individual purchases. 

If you need to buy your first dinnerware set ever, check out our exclusive tabletop collections at our store, Sure 2 Shop. Here, you can choose from over 100 sets and products for your dining room. 

Thank you!

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